Fashion Design

The House of Worth founded by Charles Frederick Worth in 1826 was the first fashion institution created. Its founder, Worth, was able to find success by cleverly creating and designing high fashion clothing worn by the privileged at royal courts. So influential was his house that he was able to order his clients to dress according to what he saw as fashionable. His creations were soon associated with his name and thus making him a pioneer in the custom of having the designer of the house be the main figure behind the brand.The House of Worth stayed in the business of fashion designing until Charles Frederick Worth?s death in 1895. The house was closed in 1952 by the designer’s great grandson.In the early twentieth century, following the popularity of Worth, designers such as Channel, Dior, Lanvin, etc., started creating their own houses. Haute couture and ready-to-wear became the main categories in fashion. Haute couture is made exclusively for private and privileged customers. Cuts and sizes are only intended for the chosen few while ready-to-wear is suitable for mass production and is available in all sizes.Haute couture is exclusively for those designers and houses that belong to the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture, presided over by the French Department of Industry. Designers must be able to show their collections -no less than 35 different outfits- to the public at least twice a year. Personalities such as Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn became fashionably famous for wearing creations by couturiers such as Oleg Cassini and Givenchy, respectively. The styles of both ladies are still imitated today.Ready-to-wear fashion, on the other hand, is created in mass production. Their standard manufacturing makes them more suitable for many, especially in the U.S. and UK where the normal dress size is 6-8. This design is also classified into two groups, the Designer collection and the Confection collection. Designer collections are more trendsetting and wearable with unique and clean cuts. However, some designers create such designs to make a statement rather than to be able to mass-produce them. Confection collections, on the other hand, are our everyday wear. Stylists mostly create these collections with an aim to clothe as many as possible.

Top 5 Tips For the Online Home Business Owner

The online home business industry is a booming industry creating many great opportunities for anyone to make money online. Achieving financial freedom through your own online home business isn’t impossible but does require some certain strategies and rules for you to play by. Remember, deciding to have your own online home business is no game and there are some golden tips in which you can follow to help your online home business be more successful.1. Have your own websiteAlthough you can make money online without a website, it is of greater advantage for you to have a website, especially in the long term. A website helps you brand yourself online and make yourself recognized. It also allows you to do whatever you want with it, whether you want to create a blog, post an article about something of interest and even for you to decorate to your hearts desire.2. Avoid information overloadWithout a doubt, everyone who first begins their online home business venture will be bombarded with information. The important action you have to take here is to sift through all this information and read only what is needed. It’s like developing selective hearing to your nagging partner or children. Read what you need to read. Learn what you need to learn. Remember not know enough is also dangerous. Keep yourself informed but don’t download every eBook you can get your hands on and leave it taking up space on your hard drive.3. Write your own ads and use your own images and banners.A mistake often overlooked by most online home business owners is the use of ads and images in their marketing campaign. They use the same images, banners and marketing emails as everyone else. Be creative. Be unique. This will make your marketing campaign different to other online home businesses and set yourself apart from them.4. Allocate yourself real “work hours”One of the most common mistakes online home business owners make is the belief that having an online home business is the easy and lazy way to earning money. Many think that once they set up a website, the money will pour in. Others think that having a few ads and then sending out a email campaign will do the job. The problem with a work from home online business is that it is still a business and that is how you must treat it. The best thing to do is to allocate some set hours towards your business whether starting at 11am cos you want to sleep in or at 3 pm because you want to have lunch with some friends. You still have to “work”. Set up a proper schedule to dedicate yourself to your business.5. Positive mindset and belief in what you doThe power of success lies behind the human mind. For example if you keep sitting there and telling yourself you have a headache, you will be sure to get one soon. If you sit there and tell yourself starting a business requires too much work and is too hard, well, there is not much anyone can do for you there. You are the one driving your business, if you think it can happen then you can make it happen. The power of positive thinking can do many wonders.With these tips in mind, evaluate how you are performing with your online home business and how you can further improve it.For more home business tips, resources and guides visit the Work From Home Online Website.

Carpet Cleaning Businesses For Sale – Things to Remember

Establishing your own business has its risks. Some business are very easy to start and maintain while others are very complicated, tricky and requires intricate knowledge of how things should be run. Moreover, some businesses earn money faster than others. In some businesses you have to wait for more than a year before you can savor the fruits of your investments. It can be easier to purchase an existing business instead of starting from scratch. This businesses for sale is one business endeavor where you can quickly recover your investment within one year.A carpet cleaning business is quite popular. You have both residential and commercial business establishments as market base. You could start with residential areas first and slowly build your customer base before moving to commercial offices, restaurants or shops and stores.Purchasing an existing carpet cleaning business could be indeed a profitable move as long as you don’t have to pay too many debts by the company and inheriting a very bad reputation that the previous owners and staff have incurred. Since you’re working as a service oriented business, client satisfaction is very important. Any dissatisfied client can pass by word of mouth your lousy services. Therefore, one should be very careful in purchasing an existing business.Moreover, the carpet cleaning business involves using specialized equipment. One should assess correctly the value of each equipment, taking into considerations factors like depreciation, and wear and tear of the machines. Proper evaluation would help you purchase the equipment at the right price. You don’t want to purchase machines that are over valued.Carpet cleaning companies can be purchased for $100,000 and above. The newer ones are cheaper and the more established ones are more expensive. The established ones sell their name, reputation and customer base that they have built through the years. This makes their business a little expensive than newly established ones.Other things that you need to consider is the location of the existing business. Will the current base of operations handle further expansion and would the current customer base offer you to room for growth.The advantage of a carpet cleaning business it that it has relatively low entry cost. If you will not be buying an already existing business, you could initially rent your equipment. With subsequent clients you can start investing on equipment, manpower and marketing.Part of the profitability margin of such cleaning services is the fact that it can be operated either on a full time or part time basis. It can be flexible enough to handle a variety of requests from both residential and commercial based clients.But before you even try to start a professional carpet cleaning service, you need to have the skills and knowledge needed for the job. The job may entail simple shampooing or vacuuming, but the use of specialized equipment can be a little challenging. You need additional training for that since you don’t want to damage the carpets of your very first clients. You will be working from their referrals so you need to do the job perfectly.There are a lot of side service that you can provide together with your carpet cleaning businesses for sale. To increase your income, you can include upholstery, cars and full house cleaning services aside from just cleaning the carpet. You basically have the equipment and you just might need additional manpower for such tasks. You can also begin to deal with water extraction services in case the house or office have been damaged by floods.